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The team behind
The Dream

who we are

brains that power dreamster

Bringing the Dreamster universe to life is a monumental task.

The Dreamster team is made up of seasoned experts and tech enthusiasts who share a common passion to make the dream world a reality.

Our team believes in the game-changing power of Web3 and the Metaverse to benefit and empower the artists, musicians, creators, and dreamers of tomorrow.

These are the visionaries behind the dream.

Mario Butler

Founder and Visionary Leader

forrest smith

Business Development Manager

Aman Butler

Business Development Manager(Music)

Enka Lawson

Business Development Manager(Photos)

mark angelo

Marketing team member

Michele Tsing


Rokie happy rafols

Marketing team lead manager

Guo Youlei

Blockchain developer & full stack developer

shekinah macalanda

Marketing manager

Andy Khun

Customer Acquisition Strategist

taban cosmos

Advisor and Senior Blockchain Developer

Charlie Whitworth

Customer Acquisition Strategist

Raymond Ratti Beato

Advisor-Dubai Region

Jamal Khan

Financial Advisor